“Letting go” with an interactive Dream Catcher


Description: We all have things we need to let go. Writing them down and hanging them on a publicly displayed dream catcher is a great way to anonymously and collectively unburden your mind of worry.

Materials: Large dream catcher can be made from a hula hoop, for smaller ones go to your local craft store for metal hoops.

Preparation Instructions: Here is a tutorial on how to make the dream catcher

After you have made the dream catcher cut a bunch of small squares (3″x3″) out of paper. Thread some string in the corner of the paper so that it can be tied to the web part of the catcher.

Directions: Hang the dream catcher some place public like a lobby or hallway. Take the paper squares and put them in a basket placed near the catcher with some markers. Post a sign saying something like this, “Please take a piece of paper and write down something you want to let go of, something that has been weighing on your mind. Then tie it anywhere on the web of the dream catcher. You can leave your worry here, the dream catcher will keep it safe.”

Things to Consider: Since this is a publicly displayed and interactive piece of art, you runt he risk of someone messing with it. In my experience this has not happened. But if this is a concern for you you can do this project in a private group setting.

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