Hidden things in the sand


Description: In art therapy sand often represents the subconscious. It is an ever shifting landscape both hiding and revealing the depths of our identity. This directive seeks to explore what lies beneath the sands of our subconscious.

Materials:  Grey modeling clay, sculpting tools

Directions: Set up some calm background music if you like. Give each client a ball of clay about the size of a tangerine (clients can add more clay later if they like) once everyone has their clay, ask them to get comfortable and close their eyes. Ask them to work their clay, soften it, become acquainted with it and read this script slowly, “You are walking down a beach…you can feel the sand in your toes… you smell the salt in the air…you hear the water gently rolling on the shore…you are at peace as you walk along…then you step on something. you bend down to brush off the sand….what is it?” Ask the group to open their eyes and begin sculpting what they found. Reserve time at the end for processing.

Things to Consider: Anytime we work with clay in this kind of setting we can feel exposed in  the things we make. I have noticed that once the clients are finished sharing they destroy their sculpture and smush it into a ball. Almost as if its too uncomfortable to look at it any longer. But you may want to encourage your clients to hold onto their creation, its not everyday we get to stare our subconscious in the face.

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