Scrabble Poetry


Description: Sometimes we have writers block, and sometimes we just need a little friendly competition to get the creative juices flowing.  This directive helps compile a list of words that can be used in a creative writing assignment.

Directive: This directive is ideal for older clients who are most likely familiar with the game, but also may have some resistance to relying on their own creativity.

Give each person a piece of lined paper and a pen. Then simply play a game of Scrabble and have each person write down the word as they are placed on the board. When the game is finished each person should have their own complete list of the words created during the game. Ask the participants to write a poem, story, or letter using these words. They can add other words but the core of the content should be the words from  the list.

Give 10-15 minutes for writing. When everyone is done have them share what they wrote.

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