A scavenger hunt for beauty in unlikely places


Description: Are you bored? Are you tired of your day-to-day routine? If so, then you need to go on a scavenger hunt for beauty.

Take your camera and venture out into the monotonous, everyday, so-so places of your neighborhood. Find something interesting, out-of-place or beautiful and take its picture.  Then (and this is the important part) step back and take a second picture of the general spot you found the beauty in. And place them next to each other.

For example, in the image above you see a warm stone glittering with the setting rays of the setting sun.

And next to it is a parking lot.

If you look for it, beauty is everywhere.

Don’t be afraid to get down low to the ground and take a picture of a crack in the sidewalk. Try not to care what the people walking by think. You found beauty, they should be so lucky!

Here are a few more examples.





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