Guided Meditation: Ball of light


Photo credit Denis Smith


There is an inner space in each of us that is quiet, and weightless and timeless. Stress causes us to fall out of touch with this space and focus on juggling all the countless tasks that life throws at us, and we forget to just be still. This directive allows us to mindfully reconnect with our inner sanctuary so that we can be refreshed.

Materials: paper, oil pastels,  Slick Stix Crayola crayons, regular markers, calm music

Before you start the guided meditation, have each person choose one pastel or maker and have them set it next to their paper.  Next read this script:

“Sit comfortably in your chair, backs straight, feet on the ground,  hands on your knees, now look straight ahead of you and close your eyes. Breath in through your nose, and exhale out of your nose. Relax your shoulders, your neck,  your face. Notice if you are clenching your jaw, or tightening any muscles. Let them go. Let go of any tension you  may be holding onto in your body. Now I want you to imagine that there is a ball of light  resting gently in front of you. It is radiating warmth, light, and weightlessness. As you inhale, breath in its light, its warmth and its weightlessness. With each breath, the  ball of light washes over you,  covering your head, then your shoulders,  down to your arms, then your chest and stomach, then your legs and down to your feet.  Keeping your eyes closed, on  your next breath find the marker you chose and begin to make marks on the paper, following your breath, allowing yourself to remain in this relaxed state.”

After about 20 minutes of art making , ask everyone to open their eyes and share  what they  made.

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