untangling the truth and lie about addiction


For those who struggle with addiction, untangling reality from fantasy and truth from lies can be difficult. It’s an important part of recovery to confront ones euphoric recall. Euphoric recall is when a person remembers only the pleasure associated with drug use/abuse and ignores the negative consequences. This recall is a lie the addicted mind tries to convince itself is truth. That there are no consequences, and even if there are, they are worth it. When in reality, people who are in the throws of addiction can end up loosing everything they care about, and all too often their own lives.

This drama helps people to have an encounter with their own tangled mess of truth and lie, and have an opportunity to begin to separate the two.

For this drama we will be using 2 empty chairs. It is helpful to have an assortment of different colored scarves so the participant can choose one to represent the lie/seduction and one to represent the truth/consequences. Place the scarves, one on each chair and begin with the “lie” seat. Wear the scarf the way your “lie” would. Begin by speaking about yourself from the perspective of the euphoric-manipulative-controlling part of your addiction. For example:

                  “Hello, my name is heroin and I love Amy, I make her feel free, we have so much fun together. I take away all Amy’s pain and wrap her in a sweet blanket of everything and nothing all at the same time. I want Amy, and I’ll never let her go”.

Leave the scarf behind and switch seats. Now take on the scarf of the “truth” about your addiction and begin to speak from that perspective. For example:

             “Hello, my name is death, because that’s the only way this can end. I take everything from Amy until there’s nothing left. I desperately want her money, her time, her family, her health, and her power. I want her future.  I will destroy everything she holds dear”.

The first voice is seductive and speaks of only the pleasurable aspect of addiction. While the second voice discloses the truth about addiction which is that it is desperate and controlling. You may have trouble remembering to speak from the perspective of your addiction, if you do just remember to take on a different name when you get in the chair and speak about yourself using your name, like in the example with “Amy”.

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