My hands speak for themselves

Our hands are an integral part of our daily experience and have the power to harm or help. This project is a twist on the self-portrait by putting the focus on our hands as part of our identity. Taking ownership of our hands (or body as a whole) means we have a greater awareness of our actions and the power we have to influence one another for better or worse.

All you need for this project is a copy machine, some markers and colored pencils. After you copy your hand, decorate it!

So, if your hands could speak what would they say?



3 responses to “My hands speak for themselves

  1. This is a fantastic idea. I did a small series once on studies of my hands and the gestures they (can) make because I so identify with them. For folks who express themselves best by making things manually, hands act as a mouthpiece. Where the mouth is a symbol of communication to most people, hands could hold the same significance for others and so is an excellent symbol to explore in art therapy.

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