I am a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist and have my Masters in Art Therapy Counseling. I have been working as an art therapist at an outpatient mental health and addictions treatment program for the past few years. I am also a Credentialed  Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor in the state of New York.

I started this blog because art therapy directives are not easy to come by and I wanted to make that easier. It seems that most art therapists come up with their own directives but the only people they get to share them with is their clients! Perhaps one day there will be a central database where we can easily look up projects, but for now the blogosphere is where our creativity is stored. That being said, I hope you find these art therapy directives helpful and feel free to use them in your own practice. After all, that’s the point!

*When case examples are shown all personal information is removed to protect the identity of the individuals involved.

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  1. Nice blog Christa, would be great if there was a central database for art therapy projects.. Great resource! I am studying addiction counselling and art therapy, a long way from a master degree yet but getting there. Previous degree in media. Currently volunteering in a rehab centre teaching art with a therapeutic element.. Some good ideas on your blog keep them coming! Would love to hear about your work in the states, how easy/ hard it is to find work in art therapy there.?? I am based in Ireland !
    Kind regards,

    • Hi Donna!
      Happy to hear you are doing art therapy in Ireland, I have family there and got a chance to visit many years ago. As far as employment opportunities in the US go it’s sparse, but it’s growing. It is difficult to find a pure art therapy position so most art therapists, like myself have found jobs under other titles such as “mental health counselor” and “substance abuse counselor”. And within these positions we work our magic.
      It all depends on how the directors of the programs you work in view art therapy, if they are in favor of it then the majority of your job will be art therapy. But if not, you may have to prove to them that art therapy is a valuable and viable form of therapy.

      My advice, get licensed in art therapy AND something already recognized like a substance abuse license. It holds more weight than art therapy licensure alone.

      God Bless,

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